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Weishun 24% Abamectin· ETOXAZOLE SC

This product is made up of Abamectin and ETOXAZOLE. Abamectin has high insecticidal and acaricidal activity, and has a wide spectrum of insecticides and excellent killing effect. ETOXAZOLE belongs to the diphenyloxazoline derivative, kills eggs and inhibits the process of molting from juvenile to ruthenium. It has good infertility to female mites, has strong rain tolerance and long duration. The combination of both eggs and eggs can be controlled in various growth stages of the pests.

Laifulu 110g/L ETOXAZOLE SC This product is a new type of Acaricide which is co-operated by Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. and our company. It belongs to diphenyloxazoline derivatives, which can inhibit the embryo formation of pupa eggs and the molting process of juvenile mites. Infertility significantly reduces the hatching rate of eggs. Therefore, it can effectively control the entire young age of the mites, and the effective period is up to 50 days. Can be mixed with a variety of Insecticides, Acaricide, with contact, stomach poisoning and strong penetration, rain-resistant and so on.
Tianwang Manke 29% Spirodiclofen SC This product belongs to the ketoenol Acaricide, which is mainly used for contact killing. It can achieve the purpose of killing by inhibiting the synthesis of fat and blocking its energy metabolism. The structure is novel, the mechanism of action is unique, and it has no cross-resistance with the existing Acaricide, and can effectively prevent the mites and their resistant varieties. Its egg-killing and ruthenium effects are excellent, and it has a sterilization effect on female mites.
Mingshou 5% Abamectin EC The mechanism of action of Abamectin is to interfere with neurophysiological activities. It has contact and stomach toxicity to lepidopteran pests and mites. Parasitic adults, nymphs and lepidopteran larvae have numbness symptoms after contact with Abamectin, inactive, not taking Food, died after 2 to 4 days, has strong osmotic effect on the leaves, can quickly penetrate into the parenchyma of the plant after spraying, and its active ingredients can exist in the tissue for a long time, and the pests and lepidopter pests remain in effect. long.
Tianwangwei 5% Hexythiazox EC This product is a special Acaricide, mainly for contact and stomach toxicity, no systemic, but strong penetration, resistant to rain. It has strong lethal effect on eggs and nymphs, and has low activity on adult mites. The hatching rate of eggs after female mites are significantly reduced. It is not sensitive to temperature and has no difference in effect at different temperatures. It can be mixed with alkaline pesticides such as Bordeaux mixture and stone sulphur mixture, as well as various Insecticides and Acaricide, and has a long-lasting effect. It is low-toxic to humans and animals, non-toxic to predatory cockroaches and beneficial insects, and safe for bees and natural enemies under normal dosage.
Baideli 2.5% Abamectin·Fenpropathrin EC This product is a pesticidal, Acaricide compounded by Abamectin and Fenpropathrin. It has a wide spectrum of insecticides and killings, and has strong killing power for juveniles, nymphs and mites. It has a good effect on the control of lepidopteran pests, and is mainly based on contact and stomach toxicity. One-time use of a variety of pests and mites is the drug of choice for pollution-free vegetables.
Fenpropathrin· Pyridaben 10.5%Fenpropathrin· Pyridaben EC This product is a new type of highly effective insecticidal, Acaricide. It is a combination of Fenpropathrin and Pyridaben of Nippon Chemical Co., Ltd. It has contact, stomach poison and certain avoidance effects. It is harmful to many crops and pests of citrus and other crops. Have a good killing effect.


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